Love Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet
Love Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet

Love Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet

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Love Warrior

To the woman who loves and keep loving and never stop loving. Love Warrior never gets love confused with jealousy or hurt or pain or loss or suffering but knows that love is the only thing pure. It’s our closest connection to our Creator. Love Warrior represents purity, Divine connection, unconditional love of self and others.  Love Warrior gives you the courage to look beyond all the emotions and experiences that love can be confused with and connects you with your purpose to love and to be loved. In a world where love can be so easily overlooked or displaced, Love Warrior works with your heart chakra but also your solar plexus to give you the courage to align your will with the Creators. To understand love beyond words or experiences but as your love as your soul.

This bracelet has been charged with healing loving energy to move beyond past experiences and welcome new loving light into your life. Charged with an awareness of true love in all your relations, weather with nature, spirit, family, friends, or maybe the chair you sit upon-it’s in honouring of all relationships- your soul’s purpose and the reason of us being here – love.

Welcome to our Warrior Line: Intentional Jewelry with Warrior Strength.

Rose Quartz

A very soothing stone called the stone of love-it helps to dissolve emotional wounds, fears, resentments. Rose quartz encourages helpfulness, compassion, and openness. It increases sensitivity, proper self-love, and the ability to love. Hold close to your heart and affirm, “I am worthy and deserving of love in my life and I am able to give and receive love and affection with ease”.

Tiger’s Eye

Ancient belief is that tiger’s eye can heal eye problems. It is a protective and grounding stone. It can help you get through difficult phases in life without losing courage. It encourages faith in dark moments while distancing ourselves from external influences. Tiger’s eye helps with decision making in challenging situations. It stimulates self-discipline and confidence.


Wrap this bracelet around your wrist three times, or wear it around your neck as a necklace. It's a perfect combo for someone who works with their hands and may need to switch it up in the middle of their day. Remember... Wrap, don't twist!


This piece has been created with intention. The intention for this been has been set to connect with its soul contract. It has been cleansed with sage, and the moon and charged with intention to heal and connect.

100% Natural Crystal

Strung on Latex free PowerCord.

To measure your wrist use a flexible measuring tape (such as a sewing tape) and measure it around. 7" is our standard average and most popular size. However, we make bracelets in all sizes.