Intentional Healing Dragonfly Bookmark
Intentional Healing Dragonfly Bookmark

Intentional Healing Dragonfly Bookmark

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Clear Quartz

The most powerful healing stone on earth. Commonly known as Rock Crystal.  It helps develop spirituality through connection to self and the universe. Clear quartz promotes clarity of mind and intuition. It can assist with numbness in the body, strengthens  nerves, alleviates pain and can reduce swelling.  It enhances all other stones as an energy amplifier and activates the chakras.

These bookmarks make a stunning addition to any read. Have your clear Quartz with you to stimulate clarity and understanding as you dive into words of wisdom. Learning is one of our greatest abilities as a human, honour it with a deep connection to Earth.


Have a question about what you're reading? Use your bookmark as a Pendulum and get your clarity instantly. 


This piece has been created with intention. The intention for this been has been set to connect with its soul contract. It has been cleansed with sage, and the moon and charged with intention to heal and connect.


100% Natural Crystal


100% Black Nylon Cord