Intentional Healing Dalmatian Jasper and Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet

Intentional Healing Dalmatian Jasper and Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet

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Amazonite is known to promote universal love and is well associated with the heart chakra. It is a very calming stone, and a stone that can alleviate fear and anxiety. It is believed to ease emotional trauma, balance emotions, and dispel stress. Amazonite can protect against electromagnetic pollution.

Dalmatian Jasper

A stone of determination, strength, and friendship. It fortifies the spirit and encourages a sense of playfulness. Perfect stone for any animal lover. A very grounding stone in terms of reality. It can help with team effort, emotional harmony, and cooperation in the workplace. Dalmatian jasper is believed to encourage fidelity.

This piece has been created with intention. The intention for this been has been set to connect with its soul contract. It has been cleansed with sage, and the moon and charged with intention to heal and connect.


100% Natural Crystal


6mm & 8mm Gemstones.


Strung on Latex free PowerCord.


Size: 7"


To measure your wrist use a flexible measuring tape (such as a sewing tape) and measure it around. 7" is our standard average and most popular size. However, we make bracelets in all sizes.