Meet the Makers

Deeply Aware was created in December 2017. Originally, as two small crafters making jewelry at home and selling on local buy and sell websites. It was January of 2018, and time to make our new years visions. Nicole quickly said "I want Deeply Aware to do craft fairs". Before they knew it, with the littlest of intention, Deeply Aware has unfolded into a wonderful passion, one grounded in creativity and expression. Nicole creates our macrame pieces, while Danielle creates our gemstone pieces.

Both Danielle and Nicole share a passion for crystals, and human connection. In a world that can have so much darkness- they never fail to see that it's still a meaningful place in which a few things just don't make sense. Deeply Aware was inspired to create a company which brought together like minded individuals in the community. To gather and share a safe space of healing where inclusive and accessibility are the platforms upon which the company is grown.

Deeply Aware was started to keep their kids in sports while Danielle returned to school to be an elementary teacher. But, it quickly grew into so, so much more. They love what their company has become in such a short time. They are continuously amazed by the wonderful crafters and local vendors in o their community but also the community members which support and grow companies like theirs.

Through this journey, they have been gifted a deep sense of community in which they are incredibly grateful for. Thank you! They look forward to sharing an experience with you soon. Until then, have a blessed day.