Trauma Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet
Trauma Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet
Trauma Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet

Trauma Warrior Intentional Healing Bracelet

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My hands begin to tremble. My thumb uncontrollably trying to hold the cording to place the next bead on.  I feel shivers tingle up into my neck and almost as if I had a cramped muscle I had to work through. I close my eyes, I lead into the pain and work through it. Unfortunately, the trauma and abuse most women have to go through flash through my third eye with intense visions. There are moments in it’s creation I feel sick to my stomach, moments of tears for all of those who have suffered trauma and abuse in this life and past lives.  Pains throughout my body bringing up my own suffering but also the suffering of all women. The collective trauma.

This bracelet is not joking around it is meant for a Trauma Warrior who is ready to feel. Who is ready to dig into those wounds and begin to start the process of unravelling ourselves. I do not recommend this Trauma Warrior piece to anyone who isn’t ready to look at those painful marks. This piece requires time and space to heal.  The only way to move forward and awaken and understand our souls reasoning is to look into our trauma when we are ready. I only recommend this Trauma Warrior if you have the time to do the work it’s going to bring up for you.

This piece is is called Trauma Warrior. It’s meant for the Warrior who is ready to dig deep to look at the experiences that shaped our thoughts, preferences, perceptions, and the things that hold us back. Our self limiting beliefs, the things we wish could just go the fuck away (Sorry for the language, but the energy of this Trauma Warrior is not messing around). This Trauma Warrior will support you to and through those painful experiences while you find acceptance in their purpose.

This piece has been charged with healing energy, supportive energy, and universal guidance energy. This is a one of a kind piece. All with it’s unique energy. It was created with the energy of all of those who have triumphed beyond their most painful experiences, the powerful collective feminine energy and the connection each of us have.  It was created with the most bad ass, fear facing, anxiety destroying energy.

In all of the jewelry I have created, I have never had a piece do to me what this one has.

It is so powerful I had to pause in the middle of its creation to write this piece because it needed to be known.

As we overcome our trauma's this Trauma Warrior serves as an important reminder of all that we have been through to become who we are. We wear our Trauma Warrior as a token of our strength and perseverance, to remind us to always go forward. 

Welcome to our Warriors Line:  Intentional Jewelry with Warrior Strength.



A stone of love and forgiveness. It is often called the rescue stone for its ability to heal relationships. A powerful heart healer that emphasizes unconditional love and boost self esteem. Believed to assist in healing relationship traumas in this life and past lives. A stone of emotional balance.

Snowflake Obsidian

Obsidian dissolves fear, blocks and trauma. It draws out hidden dark and light imbalances to release them. Obsidian helps us see our shadow sides in their true nature. Snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity that heals old karmic patterns and releases regret. Hold it close to your root chakra and affirm, “I see through the darkness of adversity to make positive changes that light up my life.”

Wrap this bracelet around your wrist three times, or wear it around your neck as a necklace. It's a perfect combo for someone who works with their hands and may need to switch it up in the middle of their day. Remember... Wrap, don't twist!

This piece has been created with intention. The intention for this been has been set to connect with its soul contract. It has been cleansed with sage, and the moon and charged with intention to heal and connect.

100% Natural Crystal

Strung on Latex free PowerCord.

To measure your wrist use a flexible measuring tape (such as a sewing tape) and measure it around. 7" is our standard average and most popular size. However, we make bracelets in all sizes.